Swedes Are Battling For Health Insurance In Bangkok

Swedish living in Thailand find it hard to get a quality health insurance. Everyone has a different story and case, but it is common for all to face uncontrollable insurance costs as they are nearing retirement. Due to this situation, they are after the Swedish Government to consider their case.Or they can opt for a health insurance in Bangkok, which is another expense.

Swedish laws require one Swedish resident to stay in the country for 6 months or more in a year to receive a health insurance.

Take for instance a 75-year old retiree Ake Andersson who has lived in Thailand for 10 years. Ake Anderssonhas rheumatism for over 25 years now. Back in his own country, he takes medication to relieve him from the pain, but now that he lives in Thailand, the weather has helped him a lot. There is no more medication needed. It simply means he needs to stay in Thailand. The disadvantage of staying long in Thailand deprives him a Swedish national health insurance, even when paying 20% tax over his pension. He can’t get health insurance in Bangkok as he hopes to get it in his home country.

When Ake Anderson started with his disease more than 20 years ago, the government allowed him to stay in Spain and still get covered by insurance. But now that he’s retired and lives in Thailand, he is no longer covered by the government.

A bunch of Swedish expats living in Phuket plans to take action regarding the issue. They want to be covered by national health insurance as they pay taxes, without the need to spend half a year in Sweden. Why not consider a health insurance in Bangkok, which may be good.

The group finds it difficult to understand why a Swedish pensioner living within the European Union countries can get covered, while those living in Thailand cannot even if they pay taxes.

As an option, they suggest an international state insurance, where they can pay extra on tax bills and get covered. A wiser option can be a health insurance in Bangkok for their health issues. Norway offers the same system.

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