Swimwear Business Saved By Marcus Lemonis

Finding bikini brands in Australia may be a challenge but one will surely be able to find a swimwear that will fit whatever body type they have. While most of Australia’s women are attached to the beach and the bikini a staple in their wardrobes, this is not the case in every country. When Chuck Handy’s wife complained that she could not find swimwear for plus-size women like herself, he had a million dollar thought and that is to start a line that will answer to this part of the market. To start the business, he asked his son to be the vice president of the company he is building and his daughter was assigned in the operations department. His wife, on the other hand, will be helping when she is not busy teaching. Chuck decided that he will be the president of the company and the head of design at the same time.

It was 2010 when Chuck Handy launched his swimwear line called SWIM in Miami. Despite the buzz that the company created while on the production stage, there are no buyers lining up to purchase their swimwear and they never got the millions they thought they would. Their entire fortune and life has been dedicated to SWIM and Handy was already grasping the idea of a failing business when Marcus Lemonis, the owner of The Profit, decided to save them.

Chuck thought that he already got what it takes to start the business since he has been the top in sales for a swimwear line before. He failed to connect the designs of the swimwear to the target buyers which are mostly middle-aged women. All of his designs are considered old-fashioned as they have been patterned after existing ones.

Marcus thought that all he has to do is change the design but he later discovered that the finances of the company are in chaos. Products are under-pricedtherefore they have no profit and buried in debt. It was when Marcus decided to invest in the company because he believed in the market of plus-size swimwear, which is also presented by a number of bikini brands in Australia.

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