Taranaki Cinema Goes Viral Due To Clothing Ban

Residents in South Taranaki who are planning to wear Christmas onesies when they go to the movie might want to avoid one cinema which specifically bans customers wearing dressing gowns, pyjamas or onesies. According to the Hawera Cinema 2, they have imposed a dress code for their cinemas. In a Facebook post, the manager of the town cinema, Kirsty Bourke, said that they are no longer tolerating residents who are going to the movies wearing their sleepwear.

There are a number of residents who are not happy with the announcement while there are those who fully support it. The post touched on a reminder from the cinema that customers are welcome as long as they follow the appropriate dress code and that they should make sure their footwear is clean. There is emphasis that they are no longer willing to entertain customers wearing dressing gowns, pyjamas, dirty gumboots or cute onesies.

During an interview with the local media, Bourke said that there is an overwhelming amount of locals who are in favor with her announcement. She also said that she have received a number of negative reactions but only a few. She shared how, following her Facebook posts, residents have been congratulating her for standing up for what is right for the business with regards to dress code.

The staff of the cinema alerted Bourke when they saw an increasing population of cinema goers that are resorting to wearing their pyjamas or onesies while going to the movies. Before everyone else follow suites, she decided it is time to put a stop to the habit. The dress code became a necessity when they realized that many people are no longer being considerate. As much as possible, they wanted to maintain the cinema’s original vibe.

Majority of the adults agree with them because they think that pyjamas and onesies should only be worn at home and not in public. Even during the holidays, it is not an excuse to wear Christmas onesies while out and about unless they are planning to stay at home and enjoy the festivities there.

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