Teachers In Preschool And Kindergarten Deserve Special Salary Model

The Prime Minister of Malaysia is planning to give teachers assigned in preschool and kindergarten, in private and public schools, a special salary model that will give them the chance to earn minimum wage. This will help them combat poverty in some way. There is a kindergarten for international children and their teachers are earning more than enough.

Dr. Ahmad ZahidHamidi, the deputy prime minister, said that the government has been planning to give teachers a reasonable salary in order for them to be motivated in teaching the young students which is necessary to improve the level of education in the country.

The government aims to assist the teachers because all these years they have been neglected and taken for granted. This is why a special salary model will be created just for teachers of kindergarten and preschool. The salary model will be different from that of teachers under government schools but their earnings will be better than before.

The announcement was made by Ahmad Zahid in time for the launch of the new Bagan Datuk Pre-School Sports Carnival. During the launch, Datuk AmiruddinAriffin, director general of community development department, and Datuk Shahrul Zaman Yahya, chairman of human resource committee, were also present.

In connection with this proposal, the trainings given to kindergarten and preschool teachers of private and public schools should be the same in order for them to receive minimum wage. Currently, their salary does not reach the minimum set for other teachers.

The education ministry is already partnering with higher education institutions, Kemas and Department of National Unity and Integration to conduct a study regarding the uniform and efficient training.

Some teachers have very low salary while others in private kindergartens receive higher salary rate. Ahmad Zahid is hoping that they will receive minimum wage once the training is uniform and the syllabi are the same. This will also help avoid irregularities and confusion between private and public schools.

The standard should be on par with kindergarten for international children because the young students are important for the future of the nation.

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