Thailand May Be The Next E-Sports Hub

According to a recruitment agency Thailand, tourism is the number one provider of employment to the locals. More jobs might open yet again after an announcement made by Infofed Co. which expressed the start-up company’s desire to make Thailand as the capital of e-sports in the Southeast Asian region. This is not surprising that the e-sports firm is trying their hand in one of the hottest industries nowadays with a global market valuation of around $4 billion.

Infofed revealed that they are already planning to adapt virtual reality, also known as VR, for gamecasting in the country. There is also plan to make e-sports into one of the subsets of tourism department as it endeavors to transform the workforce into a professional one.

E-sports are considered to be a booming business in Thailand with around 10 million people playing games. Infofed’s founder and chief executive, JirayodTheppipit, said that fifty per cent of this number is known to be serious games joining various competitions. As of writing, the company is the only one to have operations permit for e-sports.

E-sports is considered to be a type of entertainment which can be used to gain more tourists into Thailand. For each e-sports tournament, study found that around 1 million baht is spent. It also has a positive effect on the economy of the legal government as their revenue is three times compared to e-sports spending.

In the previous year alone, the country hosted almost 50 different e-sports contests which gathered a total of 150 million baht. The e-sports market has grown in 2018 by 30 per cent due to the tournaments that were organized by leading game operators. Mr. Jirayod said that for 2019 they are expecting that the market will climbed to 50 per cent.

In an international standpoint, the revenue of the e-sports market will shoot up to 30 billion baht. The introduction of e-sports into the country will also open up employment opportunities based on a recruitment agency Thailand since Infofed will also partner with other companies such as Digital Economy Promotion Agency.

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