Thailand To Face Labour Shortage In The Coming Year

Businesses in Thailand have different requirements when it comes to human resource management. Fortunately, there are tools like employee service in Thailand that allows employees to transact with the HR office without the need for physical appearance. Employee service is an app that can be accessed from a web service so that employee will have access to personal records and payroll details.

Aside from the efficient management of employees, businesses in Thailand have other concerns like the need for foreign workers to augment the local workforce. January 01, 2018 will usher in unhappy news for many Thai companies because it will mark the end of the 6-month amnesty period for thousands of migrant workers in the Kingdom.

Beginning next year, steep fines of up to $24,000 and jail term will be imposed on employment agencies and Thai companies thatwill hire illegal migrant workers from different countries. Once the law is strictly enforced, this will be a nightmare for the small and medium sized businesses in Thailand that rely heavily on migrant workers.

As of August this year, the estimated number of legally registered migrant workers in Thailand is 1,434,275. At least 1,410,470 are classified as unskilled labour. Between June 24 and August 7, there was an additional 797,685 workers that were previously classified as illegal workers but were registered under Foreign Workers Employee Notification Centres due to the amnesty that was pushed forward by the Thai prime minister. The amnesty program brought the number of legal foreign migrant workers to 2.2 million. However, this is still below the estimated 3 to 4 million workers that are currently employed in Thailand.

By 2018, crucial industries like rice trade will be hit hard because December, January and February are the busiest months for rice exports. Construction companies as well as government infrastructure projects are also heavily reliant on migrant workers. Shortage of labour will be a big issue that has to be faced by businesses.

When it comes to employee service in Thailand, there are experienced professionals that can provide valuable suggestions to HR managers. A team will work with HR management to provide the right solution that will add value to the organization.

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