The 360-Degree View Of Copenhagen Captures Its Spirit And Tranquility

According to urban sketcher João Albergaria, the custom map illustration of Copenhagen, the Danish capital is spirited and busy but it also shows nooks of tranquility. The area is busy but the trees provide the feeling of tranquility. The map illustration has a 360-degree view that is a challenge for the illustrator in connecting all the parts together.

Nǿrrebro Blågårds Plads is a popular square in the center of the multicultural neighborhood that hosts street markets, concerts and demonstrations. Many of the stores sell secondhand and recycled products and patronized by large Arab and African communities. During spring, people stay outside to enjoy the weather. Albergaria tried to capture the spirit in the crowded square amidst the beautiful light of spring.

Frederiksholms Kanal is the largest artificial canal that was built in the Danish capital during the 17th century. Along the canals, you will find landmark buildings that include Christiansburg Palace, parliament, the National Museum and old warehouses, beautiful bridges and hundreds of boats. In the illustrated map of the city, the boats were drawn in vivid colors against the surroundings during a winter day. During winter in Denmark, boat life stops and they are left by themselves until spring comes.

During summer, there are lots of visitors in the city who head to the important museums in Copenhagen to view the collections of classic works and contemporary art. In the beautiful orange building there is a patio with palm trees. Most of the museums are indicated in tourist maps and travel websites; however, in map illustrations, stories are imagined while drawing including the lives of people who live in the buildings.

Albergaria made a sketch of the city from the rooftop of Rundetaarn, one of the highest spots in Copenhagen. From the rooftop, it is possible to draw the different locations particularly the magnificent view of Copenhagen.

The creation of custom map illustration of cities, campuses, towns and resorts have become quite popular lately because they are very interesting to viewers. A map illustration is different from the folded maps that visitors get at airports; it is a product of creativity and artistry to deliver a realistic feeling of a certain place.

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