The Auckland Show To Feature Mouth Painters And Mouth Painting Techniques

The Auckland Show will feature eight artist and painters, all of whom belong to the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists, and one of them is Martin Payne. Martin paints by holding the brush in his mouth. He will be exhibiting his artworks this weekend and he will also give a demonstration on how mouth painting is done.

The Auckland Show will last for four days and it will be displaying the pieces made by painters from the MFPA from all around New Zealand.

After he suffered an injury to the spinal cord following a car accident back in 1980, he began to paint, using his mouth to hold his brush and against all odds; he was able to overcome his disability and can now even rival able bodied artists. Aside from painting, Martin Payne is also active in sports like wheelchair rugby for many years now.

In the exhibition, he will be exhibiting two of his paintings. One is of the Auckland ferry building and the other one is of his friends dog, Rocky, who is playing on the beach.

In his demonstration, he will be doing a portrait of a painting of his friend who is engaged in mountain climbing.

The Asia Pacific Manager of MFPA, Simon Jackson, said that the MFPA and the artists that belong to it have been a part of the Auckland Show for several years now and that it is a great way for these artists to meet the public.

He also said that he, along with the rest MFPA are proud of their artists.

When it comes to income, the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists rely on the profits from the sale of the products with an illustration of their paintings. It mainly began with Christmas cards but now it is composed of a wide list of products.

The MFPA was founded in 1956 by a group of people who came from Europe. It is a self-help organization that aims to give disabled people a chance of fulfilling their creative dreams. In New Zealand, it started in 1961 and now, it is composed of 22 members.

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