The Hidden Treasures Of La Gomera

La Gomera is known as one of the Canary Islands found in Spain. It is composed of high mountains that continue to whistle for centuries. The island is known for its whistling language referred to as Silbo Gomero.

Tourists visiting the island can rent on La Gomera and have firsthand experience on how to do the whistle language. Almost all locals know of it because children are taught Silbo as soon as they turned six years old. The staffs working in hotels and apartments are using it to communicate to one another in the kitchen as well as a way to impress guests.

From the island, you will be able to have a glimpse of the Teide volcano in Tenerife. If you are looking for dramatic views, La Gomera is the place for you as it offers a volcanic landscape with laurel forests. The beaches all around the island are surrounded by palm trees. It is recommended to hire a tourist guide to explore the island in order to see the best views. There are turrets wherein one can have a better view of the island but it can only be reached by climbing steep mountains and going down valleys.

There are many remarkable views but the best of them can be found in La Punta where one can see the Santa Catalina beach. The best thing about La Gomera, despite the fact that it is the second smallest of all the Canary Islands, is the fact that it remains to be a hidden gem. Guests can get to the island with a ferry departing from Tenerife and it will engulfed tourists with its sleepy vibe. There are awesome sceneries to see, beautiful villages as well as delicious Spanish dishes.

One of the things worth visiting is located at the island’s center – the Garajonay National Park. It was in 1986 when it was acknowledged to be a National Heritage location.

After hiking and exploring, guests can take a rest inside the rooms they rent on La Gomera and embark on a new adventure before departing the island which is whale and dolphin watching.

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