The Luxury Of Hiring A Domestic Worker

For this year, the minimum salary of domestic workers has been set but according to Georgina Guedes there is no words that can explain the benefits gained by employers who are able to afford a domestic worker. There is no question about domestic agency for royalty because their employers are rich and famous.

Before 2017 ended, Mildred Oliphant who is the minister of labour said that there have been changes with the minimum wages intended for domestic workers in 2018. If they are working over 27 hours every week, the monthly salary is R2 545,22.

It is good news knowing that the salaries are under regulation but if you look at it then you will be surprised to know that the minimum is very low and not everyone is following the law.

A regular family spends an average of R2,000 per week for their groceries but domestic workers, the same ones cleaning the house and caring for the children, only receive R2,500 every month.

South Africa’s past has determined the fate of today’s domestic workers – too many of them but at a very cheap rate. Households with decent income can afford domestic workers because their rates are very low. Families with children can get on with their work knowing someone is at home taking care and staying with their children.

This is very far in comparison to places such as London where the rate of hiring a help is very high that they sometimes decide not to have more children because of the cost of a babysitter. In New Zealand, household cleaners are paid NZ $27.50 every hour.

These stories are proof of how cheap labor is in South Africa and how easy it is for families to get help whenever they need one. Despite the fact that almost everyone is struggling in South Africa, some households can still afford to hire a helper to clean their homes and to care for their kids while they earn and work.

For the rich such as in Dubai, there is a domestic agency for royalty which pays high rate but their workers are trained in a professional setting before they are set to work. It might be too far in the future because domestic workers in South Africa get the same respect and value.

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