The Man Responsible For Kandahar Units’ Medical Logistics

Within the Kandahar Airfield, there is a military hospital which has a small office located at the corner of the main entrance. From this office is where the medical logistics are happening and the team responsible for daily operation is the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team of the 4th Infantry Division. The most surprising thing about the team is that it is only comprised of a single person and that is none other than Army Spc. Daimon Silva. He is the specialists when it comes to medical logistics and he was assigned to the Charlie Company of the 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat under the 704th Brigade Support Battalion.

His office does not define what he does because it is actually a major part of the unit operations which is the War Horse Brigade mission. The Army specialist assigned to medical logistics is the one responsible for handling the medical supplies from receiving it up to issuing them. These supplies include medication as well as medical equipment and its parts.

According to Army Capt. Steven G. Oliveira, the task of the person in charge of the medical logistics is not easy because they are the one providing the supplies needed by the soldiers, the medics as well as the war fighters in order to aid those who are casualties to make sure that they come back home safe and sound. Leaders are the one who chooses who will be the one-person team that is going to handle all the operations.

Oliveira said that they chose Silva because of his competence and he showed that he is proficient with the job he does. As the specialist for medical logistics, he orders all the supplies and receives them when they arrive. He is the one who does the inventory before they are distributed to the brigade as well as the units in the airfield. At the start of the assignment, he was only handling supplies for the battalions that are under his brigade but now he is supplying to all units that are within the Kandahar Airfield. Silva admitted that he loves what he is doing and it made him feel advantaged compared to his peers.

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