The Mode of Charging Shipping Costs When Shipping Products to Customers

In every business establishment, it is very important to create a strategy when shipping your products to your customers. First, you have to decide how you will charge your customers. There are different common methods and some of those are suggested below.

Offer free shipment

This method of shipment has increasingly become a popular choice among retailers. For ecommerce businesses, this has shown a lot of promise and reduces the incident of customers abandoning their shopping carts. However, as a customer, you should be aware that in the first place, shipping never comes for free. Someone will do the paying. In case of free shipping, as an entrepreneur these are your options:

  • Increase the prices of your product so as to cover the cost of shipment.
  • You pay the full price of shipment of the products and you get this from your margins.
  • Increase the prices of your products slightly in order to cover for the costs of shipping.

For the first option, you have passed on to the consumer the responsibility of paying for the shipping costs. While in the second option, you will be the one shouldering the shipping costs and in the third option, you split the shipping cost with your customer. In addition to these, you can also offer free shipping upon ordering a minimum amount. This strategy will be able to help offset your shipping costs by helping in increasing your average sizes of order. However, you will still be the one who will pay for the shipping costs from your margins.

Charge real time carrier rates

This is another effective strategy when setting up the rates for shipment. Ecommerce platforms usually integrate their businesses with real time for various couriers like Canada post and USPS. This will allow your customer to choose the service that they want and pay for the amount.

Charge a flat rate

This is the least popular option in shipping products. When employing this method, you need to ensure that you do not drastically overcharge or undercharge your customers. When shipping your supplies, you can make use of Paper Mart shipping supplies in order to ensure the safety of the package.

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