The Organic Beauty Of Stuff Created By Blacksmiths

Many people consider blacksmithing as old school. They look at blacksmith supplies as historical stuff. Others are interested on the furnace and anvil because they have probably seen them on TV or the internet. However, Heather McLarty, board president of Adam’s Forge thinks that the craft can be carried onto the future.

Adam’s Forge offers blacksmithing classes and programs for people who are interested in the craft. If people will look at books where there are pictures of hand-forged ironwork, they will see the beauty in the pieces. They are organic in a certain way that fabrication can’t create.

McLarty used to build props for live theatre in the 70’s. She learned steel fabrication and started to seriously consider blacksmithing in 1992. Aram Nigoghossian, artist –in-residence and instructor at Adam’s Forge was interested in blacksmithing although he associated the craft to museum pieces. His perception changed when he met a neighbour who made swords for the film industry.

Most blacksmiths are willing to pass their knowledge. They will light up the forge and actually show how blacksmithing is done. When the skills are there, you quickly learn and then transition to teaching. Those who want to attend classes at Adam’s Forge have to sign up for the particular session they want even if it is scheduled at a later date.

There is a waiting list and if there is an opening the applicant is notified. Sometimes, it takes 3 or 4 months to get in a class. An option is the Adam’s Forge Annual Festival where Mark Aspery, blacksmith and author and Tony Swatton, blademaker will demonstrate the forging of a mini sword, how rings can be made from quarters and how copper can be crafted. There will be a team spiking station where railroad spikes will be crafted into tomahawks.

The very best blacksmith supplies are offered for blacksmiths and hobbyists who enjoy creating steel products by hand. Anvils made from cast steel are available from 10 kilograms to 200 kilograms without the deafening ring of the forged variety. There are also blacksmith tongs, anvils, hammers and many more for those who still enjoy the art of old traditional methods.

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