The Rise of Digital Signage On Vehicles

We have seen a lot in the past years because of technology. We have seen the popularity of Utesigns in Sydney and now it is upgrading with the introduction of digital signage on vehicles. It is expected that the trend of digital signage will spread in out-of-home mediums such as public buses, shuttles, taxis, delivery vehicles and trains. This will take off in urban areas where the level of viewership is high. The network operator or the agency in charge of transportation can as the agent to make sure the assets are being put to good use. They will handle the current ad sales and the management area. The trend is also due to the demand for display revenues, demand from the advertiser and the presence of better technologies.

Dynamic signage in vehicles can be used in four major ways:

  • The best advertising models where digital signage can be employed are taxicabs. As of now, two companies have integrated signage units available for taxis – LG-MRI and the Insight Digital Signage. In New York alone, Verifone is operating over 100 taxi cabs.
  • Static sign advertising has been a common sight in trains as well as public buses. This is now going to change as the dynamic signage option becomes available. The municipal transportation authorities will be able to benefit from the revenues earned from the advertising. Dynamic signage can be used not just on vehicles but station furniture and streets as well.
  • There is an increase in the number of vehicles, equipped with dynamic signage, used in events and special occasions. There are trucks with LED signage that can convey a message to the pedestrian. In New York City, there is a bus referred to as The Stage and it has been integrated with dynamic signage managed by Carisma.
  • It is also expected that first responders including ambulance, police and fire department will be able to make use of the dynamic signage. It is also envisioned to benefit security agencies such as the military. It can also be installed in delivery vehicles to advertise a brand, covey information or ensure public safety. For the meantime, Ute signs in Sydney is one of the most effective methods of advertisement and raising brand awareness.

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