The Strengthening Clothing Industry Of Bangladesh

Two years ago, the Rana Plaza clothing factory situated near the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka collapsed which killed at least 1,100 people. Since then the bigger Western clothing businesses came under immense pressure to make an intervention in to enforcing the factory working conditions in Bangladesh to improve the safety of the workshops they buy clothing supply from.  There were two big groups of fashion brands and retailers manufacturing branded blouses, t-shirts and movie costumes and other fashionable wears began to implement new monitoring schemes in their factories across the country. These large retailers came from North America as well as Europe. The British retailer in the area said that it will extend its help for the families affected by the tragedy as it is currently working with a long-term compensation scheme.

Tragedies continue

While precautionary measures are being enforced, tragedies did not cease. Earlier this month, another factory in Dhaka caught in flames and ten people died from the unfortunate event. The factory was said to be used by huge foreign retailers of clothes. However, it has become evidently clear that clothing firms will continue to send their work force to Bangladesh. This has been noted since the Rana Plaza incident. Bangladesh will continue to remain the primary production base in Asia outside of China. Bangladesh remains to be a cheaper cite of clothing manufacture. The exports of the country is said to rise by fifth to a staggering $24 billion.

The country is advantageous with regards to its scale since it has 5,000 clothing factories compared with the 2,000 in Vietnam and 2,500 in Indonesia. The labor cost in Bangladesh is significantly lower than its rivals in Asia with a minimum wage of about $100 a month. Another advantage of having the clothes manufactured at Bangladesh is that these items enjoy a duty-free access to the nations in the European Union. Other countries like India, Sri Lanka and China does not enjoy this privilege.

There is a recognizable force seen in the growth in the demand of cheaper fashion wear coming from the clothing industry in Bangladesh in that it is estimated to quadruple in the next 2 decades.

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