The True Costs Of Operating Custom Software Effectively

Many businesses and companies are dreaming of custom software development from the top website developers but the majority does not realize the true cost of this process. This is why it is important to know that once the development process has begun, there is still a long way to go to make sure that it will be effective and worthwhile. The complete cycle of a custom software starts with development, moves on to deployment and then maintenance.

The mistake of many companies is that they have accounted for how much it will cost them to have the custom software developed but they were not prepared for how much they need to shell out in order to operate the software and eventually maintain it. This is why it is important to ask the custom software developer these questions before they start making the software you want for your company.

First, ask about the estimated cost including after the development phase is over. Second, inquire about the indicators you should look for to known if you have enough budget set aside for the whole process. Lastly, have the software developer company explain the difference between long-term seat license and the long term-costs.

For the development costs, it will cover three major areas – developers and labor, internal system integration and hardware. This is all known costs so we will focus on the deployment costs and maintenance costs.

During operation, the costs that need to be covered are configuration of the software and the testing that needs to be conducted, hosting, training and data migration. Make sure to ask the developer if the configuration and testing cost is already included in payment for software development or not.

When talking about maintenance costs, it covers a lot more such as backups and recovery, additional features, security, ongoing training, support, bug fixes, scaling the system and version updates. This phase should not be skipped for a custom software development to ensure that it will continue running successfully for the longest time. This will help the company get the worth of the budget they have invested in the project.

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