There Is A Special Dating Site, Exclusive For The Ultra-Rich

With new dating sites like Tinder, and more specialized ones like, it’s safe to say that dating services are becoming bigger and bigger every day. So it comes to no surprise that the wealthy elite have also decided to take advantage of such services.

There exists several dating services that match up the ultra-rich with compatible partners that are equally wealthy, all done with discretion that would ensure that their clientele remain as private as possible.

Recently, these services were put in the spotlight when Kelleher International, the US’s largest, privately-owned matchmaking company featured in headlines across the country when ex-QVC boss Darlene Daggett filed a lawsuit against them due to a series of terrible dates, which include but are not limited to a disgraced NY Supreme Court judge, and a man who passed out on the first date due to a heart condition.

Regardless of the scenario of the case, it brought the dating habits of the super-rich into focus, revealing a dating service that operates similarly to its more common cousins, such as, except being so expensive that selling an organ on the black market would only barely cover the costs.

Here is a look at the recently revealed dating service for the wealthy.

Kelleher International, one of many of these dating services, markets itself as a ‘personal headhunter’. The service has been in operation since 1986, and was founded by Jill Kelleher-Andrews, now run by Amber Kelleher, a former actress.

The company describes its usual clientele as being ‘smart, successful and elegant’, though they fail to mention that anyone who wants their services must also be wealthy, seeing as their service starts out at a steep $25,000/year.

The $25,000/year is only a local area search, which comes with a $5,000 additional cost for every city. Upping the ante to a National Search will raise the price to $45,000/year, but there’s the CEO Club for those needing an international search, complete with personal consultations with Jill and Amber themselves. Even after all the matchmaking, customers have to pay for additional ‘success fees’.

The process starts with the customer filling up a basic online profile, which, of course, asks for annual income. Then, a personal matchmaker will sort out through a network of single people until a potential match is found. Customers will be described to each other, and if there’s interest, a phone number will be given to the customers.

Membership rates are also varied based on how many problematic dates a customer has before they find the proper match.

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