Things To Consider In A Hotel For A Phuket Wedding

Nothing can be more romantic than sealing your faith and commitment to the love of your life on a sunset by the beach with powdery white sand. If your dream celebration of love is having a Phuket wedding, the best thing for you to do is find an excellent resort that can help you realize that dream.  You just have to make a good research and devote time to do all the other preparations since finding a good hotel is just one of the many things that you need to accomplish. Before you place your reservations, look for these things in a hotel.


Offers services and amenities for weddings

Before anything else, try to find out if the resort is ready to host a wedding by the beach. Check its facilities. Find out if their shore space is enough to hold a wedding ceremony. Do they have facilities and materials that support weddings by the beach such as suitable chairs, decorations and other wedding paraphernalia? Find out if the resort has already conducted weddings and if they have photos that you can check. Ask the resort if they have e-brochures or webpage that you can check for their packages and services.

Guest accommodation capacities

One important detail that you need to check for your Phuket wedding is that the resort you are considering has ample rooms or villas that can accommodate your target number of guests. Ask for quotation and send your requirements. Do this in advance or not less than six months prior to your wedding date to ensure that you will have enough rooms for your guests especially if the intended wedding date is on a summer or during peak season. Wedding preparations can take more or less a year and one vital detail to secure is your venue. You don’t want to send out invitations only to find out that the venue and rooms are not available on your target date.

Look for wedding packages

To reduce your expenses on your Phuket wedding ask the resort if they have packages specifically for weddings. This information can also be found on the resort’s website. Consult the hotel representative to find out how they can customize their services based on your needs.

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