Things To Expect From A Thailand Liveaboard Trip

Liveaboarding is a posh way of experiencing diving and other water activities. It is like getting into a cruise ship but the trip involves diving and it also utilize yachts, houseboats or small sea crafts. The good thing about Thailand liveaboard is they generally use small sea crafts so they can easily dock in beautiful exotic islands along the Andaman Sea and around Thailand for some beach and island experience. Aside from hopping from one island to another, guests can also socialize with other divers and water enthusiasts with semi-exclusive parties.

A single boat can take 12-24 guests for every trip, unless you rent the boat exclusively. Renting an exclusive yacht or boat have more advantages since you won’t have to share it with strangers but if you want to socialize and meet new friends, then a chartered boat with other divers would be a n excellent option.

Depending on your chosen package, a Thailand liveaboardcan go from 2 to 9. You can also choose if you want to go on night dives. Even those who do not have a diving experience can go for the trip since basic diving lessons by professional divers are offered in liveaboarding. Those who do not want to go diving but wants to enjoy sailing on a luxurious boat can still take the trip because there are so many other things that one can do while on board. Some of the things and activities offered in liveaboarding include having BBQ by the beach, island hopping, snorkelling, lazing on sun decks, fishing, having parties and cocktail drinks and many more.

For every Thailand liveaboardtrip, you can enjoy and experience how it is to stay and live on a houseboat for days. The kind of experience though would be determined by the package of your choice. For a more exclusive and luxurious experience, there are packages that you can choose from. You can find packages with private air-conditioned decks that has posh linens and private bath while there are also shared air conditioned decks with rich linens and shared bath. Every trip includes authentic Thai cuisine prepared by seasoned chefs. Diving equipment and wet suits are also included in the package along with transfers to and from the boat.

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