Three Important Factors That Help Determine The Right 3PL Provider

Logistics in supply chain management is quite vital. Most of the manufacturers prefer to hire the services of a 3PL to take care of the logistics of the company. The third party logistics companies provide various services across the depth of the supply chain, like supply management, production management, transportation, warehousing, delivery of foods to the customers and reverse logistics.

Since there are many functions involved, choosing the right logistics company is of utmost importance. A professional and experienced logistics company like, adds value to the supply chain of the client. Businesses should base the decision of selecting the 3 PL on hard facts such as cost per mile and costs per weight, reliability of the company and the areas of expertise of the 3PL provider.

Here are some of the key factors to consider before selecting a logistics provider for your business

  • Track record

A reputed 3PL company will have all the mechanisms in place to provide timely and cost effective service to the clients. Ask for references and speak to the existing clients of the 3PL company to know about the quality of services offered by them. Most companies provide the details of their existing customers and past projects on their websites. For example, checktecdisnetwork to know about the different services, costs and past clients of Tecdis network. Hire 3 PL companies with a proven track record of excellent customer service.

  • Scalability

A third party logistics company should be able to support the client’s growth plans. The company should have the necessary resources to match the increasing demands of the client in a cost effective manner.

  • Technology

Businesses should hire a 3 PL company that places innovation and technology as its core values.  The company should stay up-to-date with all the modern innovations in the field of logistics and invest in technologies that help them to provide reliable services to the client. Data is an important aspect of logistics, an experienced 3PL firm would have systems in place to provide real time and feedback data to the clients in a fast and easy to understand manner.

  • Customization

A 3PL company should be able to anticipate the requirements of the client and offer customized solutions to match them. For example, is a high tech logistics and installation company that provides customized solutions for its clients and offers various services like transport, freight, warehousing, installations, pre installation, white glove services and reverse logistics.

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