Tips To Spend Wisely At Bangkok Hotel Near Shopping Centre

If you booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre, you are at the centre of all the actions in the city. While this spells pure entertainment and fun, it also means that you are constantly confronted with temptations to binge and indulge to thoughtless shopping. With all the attractive things around, keeping a straight face can be challenging. Staying in a hotel which is in close proximity to world-class shopping centres can lead you to shop more than you should and regret your impulsiveness later on upon realizing that you do not actually need most of the things that you bought and how you overspent. To do away with overspending, take a look at these ideas:

Determine a budget

If you have the tendency to be an impulsive buyer, it would be best for you determine a budget before you go on a holiday. Write down everything that you need to spend on and this includes plane tickets, transfers or transportation needs, food expenses and of course your budget for an accommodation at a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre. You also have to set a budget for shopping especially for souvenir items. Having a budget for tours and day trips is also an essential. If you have determined a budget, put your cash in separate envelopes and label them. This way, you only spend what you have actually budgeted. For contingency, you can set a separate envelope for it.

Only buy your need

When you are in a foreign country, running out of cash or credits can spell disaster. Thus, it is vital for you to watch your expenses. While that shiny red shoes or sexy stiletto can be irresistible, you can probably buy it in your home country where you won’t have to worry about excess baggage or running out of money in the middle of nowhere.  When you buy an item, make sure that you need it and you will use it, otherwise, the purchase is a total waste of money.

Avoid using credit cards

The secret to avoiding temptations when you are booked in a Bangkok hotel near shopping centre is to carry just enough cash when you go out of the hotel. Credit cards should be used for emergency purposes alone.

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