Tourists Flocking To See The First Every Cricket Bat Fence In The World

In the western region of Australia, there is a small cricket club that has the most unique boundary fence in the world. This is because their boundary fence is made out of cricket bats. This is a fence not seen before even by a Perth fencing company.

It is located within the boundary of the Narrikup Cricket Club which is located in the middle of Albany and Mt Barker. It used to be a gate made by Tony Poad who is a local resident. This was done to honour Chris Norton who has been a life member of the club and decided to retire back in 2011.

Mr. Norton was known to play at the NArrikup cricket picket for four decades and his entire family is connected in some ways to the club.

George Norton, his grandfather, used to be the original president of the club. His own father, Eric Norton, also a member of the club for a long time and now his very own son Jarrad Norton is currently a player in the club.

Norton’s Gate used to be made out of five old cricket bats only. It serves as the entrance and exit for the players and umpires every time there is a home match at the oval.

Mr. Poad shared that the gate was received with such popularity in 2014 that they thought it would be best to create a fence out of the same concept. When they do, it will be the only fence of its kind in the whole world.

Bigger cricket ovals are usually using white picket fences installed by companies such as Perth fencing company thus their club’s fence is presenting a new twist to the original idea. It is now the talk of the town and the reason why the town has gained its place in the map. The population of Narrikup is only approximately 515 people during the last census in 2006. It is a good way for their town to be regenerated with the influx of people coming to see the cricket fence with their own eyes.

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