Types Of Cremation Jewellery One Can Use To Store Ashes Of Loved Ones

Australia has witnessed a slow but steady growth in the number of people opting for cremations instead of burials. Although this may go against the religions and customs of old, it certainly is a mark of the realities of today, as the cost of funerals is ever-increasing. People who cannot afford the 5-10 thousand dollars to fund a funeral instead opt for this cheaper option, where the body is burnt and turned to ashes. But just because the body of the loved one has been turned to ashes, it does not mean they must be forgotten. Instead, this paves the way for new opportunities. These ashes can be kept safely in urns, or for those who have some more money, the ashes can be encased in jewellery. There are many types of cremation jewellery in Perth that one can make for the storage of these ashes and they are listed below.

  • Heart Cremation Jewellery: The heart is the universal symbol of love. So what better way to show love for a departed soul than to store their ashes in a heart shaped container? Better yet, if this heart can be worn as a necklace it keeps the person’s ashes closer to the heart.
  • Cross Cremation Jewellery: The cross is a symbol for God and for faith in many religions around the world. It is also customary to consider our elders as Gods in certain religions. Putting these two together it is easy to see why Cross based cremation jewellery in Perth is famous.
  • Picture Pendant Jewellery: Pictures speak louder than words. That is why pendants which have pictures of loved ones engraved on them can serve as beautiful carriages for their ashes. It serves as a powerful way to remember them.
  • Rosary Cremation Jewellery: The rosaries used to make rosary cremation jewellery can be made from different materials depending on how much the customer would like to spend. They can be made from Swarovski crystals, or even sandalwood.
  • Pet Cremation Jewellery:A lot of people love their pets, and since these pets have younger lifespans than humans, they will die earlier. Hence, most people opt for ashes to be stored in pendants in the shape of the animal’s paw print, be it a dog or a cat or even iguanas.

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