Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Part Of The Starbucks Family This Holiday Season

US — November 10, 2015 — Ugly Christmas sweaters have become a familiar trend during the holiday seasons. They have been known to bring laughter and smiles to people’s faces (as well as a few judging looks) while also bringing various individuals together through ugly Christmas sweater parties.

Usually, you would find these tacky sweaters in traditional stores and online stores like but now you would also be able to find them at Starbucks. Yes, you’ve read that right, Starbucks had recently integrated ugly Christmas sweaters into their offerings but not in the way you are probably thinking.

This Christmas season, ugly sweater cookies will be added to Starbucks’ limited-time items on their seasonal menu in order to further boost their winning streak and continue the colorful growth they are experiencing.

During the holiday season, Starbucks always see a significant rise in sales every year and this year is no exception. In fact, the second largest quick service restaurant chain has reported a 5% increase in sales as well as a 2% increase in store traffic during the first fiscal quarter of 2015. Last year’s holiday season is considered as the most successful holiday period in their company’s history.

Although it is a great season for Starbucks, company executives say that there is still room for growth and according to them, whimsical cookies, a Christmas blend espresso, among other items can further drive their sales this holiday season.

The competition with online retail companies have not hurt Starbucks unlike other bricks-and-mortar retail outlets who have suffered significant loss against web shopping. According to Cliff Burrows, president of the Starbucks group and overseer of US operations, they are seeing more opportunities to serve more customers in many different ways. Since the people are going out treating themselves, the company is constantly asking how they are going to join the holiday season.

The new Christmas blend espresso will be available to the public by November 10 and it is expected that the holiday space flat will follow on November 30. The ugly sweater cookie, on the other hand, will be made available on Ugly Sweater day, December 18.

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