Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Be Worn By Vancouver Giants This Weekend

One of the things that Vancouver Giants fans look forward to is what the team will wear on their special events game. The team’s front office executives Peter Toigo and Dale Saip usually design and decide what the team will wear on particular events. The team’s uniform or jersey is generally a statement of support to a particular cause or simply a reaction to what is current or fad. Sometimes, they also design their jersey to honor an important personality. During last year’s special event, Vancouver wore Star Wars jersey and Pat Quinn jersey this year as a way of honoring the late Irishman. Last November, the Giants wore a camouflage kit in support of the military. In 2013, they wore a set of jersey as a tribute to Alkali Lake Brave. For this year, in relation to the current season, Vancouver Giants will wear Ugly Christmas Sweaters during their games this weekend.  The Giants will be playing against Everett Silvertips on Friday and with Spokane Chiefs on Saturday.

One good thing about Vancouver is that after their games, they would sell their game-worn jerseys to the public as souvenir items and sometimes for a good cause. This way, not only that are they making a statement, they also contribute to the public in ways that they can. The Vancouver’s wearing of Ugly Christmas Sweaters is in time for the holidays and it adds cheer to their fans and the viewing public. Despite the masculine and physical nature of the game, the team’s wearing of funny ugly sweaters make the game lighter and even enjoyable to watch for its young fans.

If you are thinking about getting Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the holidays, you can easily find them online or eve at your local clothing shops and department stores in your area. Most of these types of sweaters are affordable but are very comfortable. They can also be worn during your Christmas themed parties or during cold nights at winter. Look for ugly Christmas sweaters today and join the season’s festivities.

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