Upgrading HVAC System On A Facility Without Any Disruptions To Guests

It is very important for a country club to ensure that guests enjoy their stay. This is the reason why the Saucon Valley Country Club decided to replace the old coal-fired unit boiler that was as old as the facility itself. The 1.15million BTU steam boiler was installed in 1950 and it was not longer surprising that it is already deteriorating.

The steam boiler was installed in the facility as the first automatic heating system. Its longevity was very remarkable. When the boiler started to malfunction, Fred Kauth, the HVAC technician of the facility, considered it as the ideal opportunity to design a more efficient heating system. The old heating system included a steam boiler, hot water steam bundle, an old model 600,000 BTU water heater that included a 250-gallon water tank and air handlers with steam coils in every room. The new design for the heating system has to be a more efficient and cost effective solution for the facility.

On the other hand, the project must be undertaken with several challenges. First, the replacement of the old boiler must be undertaken while there are guests in the country club. This presents a logistical challenge because heat and hot water must remain available for the guest’s comfort. Meetings and special events scheduled in the country club must not be interrupted by the ongoing work on the heating system.

In order to ensure that there will be no disruptions, a detailed operational timeline was prepared by PA-based Dual Temp that will be handling the HVAC upgrade. Another challenge is the size of the boiler that must be removed. This will require a lot of manpower and heavy equipment. Aside from several modifications and enhancements, piping changes have to be made to make the heating system serviceable. The whole project required seamless operation so that guest comfort will be enhanced.

If you need professional and prompt boiler service, your best option is Cliff from Glow Flow Ltd. All work will be undertaken by a professional boiler engineer who will ensure the efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety of the heating system. Cliff is also available for emergency boiler problems.

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