Vending Machine To Provide Freshest And Best Tasting Foods To Students

A dependable method has been established for vending machine delivery service for the pharmaceutical and catering industries. Specialist services include pre-staging and configuration, installation and maintenance and removal when the machine reaches the end of its life.

6AM Health, a specialty food business founded by Brad Callow offers green juices, fresh salads and meals that are delivered directly to customers in the Boston Metro area before the clock strikes 6 am. Callow believes that food must be the first medicine for both prevention and healing. Food can minimize obesity and prevent a lot of diseases at the same time.

As Callow learned more about the food industry, he discovered that the key to success is logistics. There must be an efficient way to deliver the freshest and best tasting food to customers. Instead of selling through subscription –based delivery, 6Am Health started to install health vending machines at locations across the northeast.

The first vending machine was installed at Tuck last March in their PepsiCo Dining Room. Callow is counting on the First Year Project students he has partnered with to bring entrepreneurial focus on testing prices, product combinations and solving logistical problems. Callow considers his team as extremely helpful so that the specialty food business can become like Tuckstuff or theBOX that is run by students.

The Fresh Fridge will be stocked with food that has been prepared at 6AM Health kitchen located outside Boston. Re-stocking will be done every week. Callow hopes to find more local farmers to partner with to make the preparation and packing of items more efficient and cost effective.

6Am Health is a natural choice for students who demand healthier and fresher foods on campus particularly during weekends when the dining halls are closed. Food options must be increased for the new market on campus.

The first step in vending machine delivery service starts when the machine arrives in the warehouse. Engineers will perform all the necessary pre-staging and configuration services based on the guidelines of the country. Technicians will ensure that the configurations will comply with industry regulations. After checking the working order of the machine, it is scheduled for delivery using specialized transport.

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