Wealthy Travellers Do Not Mind Paying $1,400 Per Night At Wellness Resorts

If there is one thing that visitors to Thailand must never miss, it is spa in Phuket with a highly trained team of massage therapists. There are single and couple massages ranging from soft to hard scrubs to cleanse the pores and reawaken the senses. Instead of beach parties and all-night clubbing, affluent travellers are spending their money on wellness retreats.

According to the 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy study, wellness tourism is now a $639 billion industry and it is predicted that the industry will be worth $919 billion by 2022. Travellers are paying $1,400 per night to stay at wellness resorts that employ onsite therapists. They do not mind paying more than $5,000 for a weekend of wellness summit.

Sarah Casewit, co-founder of Naya Travel that offers customized holiday itineraries, has noticed a surge in the number of travel requests with emphasis in wellness and spirituality. Travellers want wellness itineraries with onsite therapists, personal trainers and wellness practitioners.

Aside from luxury wellness resorts that charge $1,400 per night there are also pricey wellness summits where travellers can socialize with celebrities at the wellness workshops and self care stations. One of the most well known faces of the wellness movement in the US is Gwyneth Paltrow who has her own lifestyle brand Goop. She has held wellness summits in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver, Canada.

Even hotels have realized the changing tastes of their guests. They are offering wellness rooms, energy treatments and guided meditation. At the Ritz Carlton Georgetown, guests are given the option to book 1 of the 13 wellness rooms with aromatherapy bath salts, shower heads that emit Vitamin C-infused water, desk wellness balls, yoga mats, air purifiers, sound and sleep machines, sleeping masks, ear buds and noise-cancelling machines. It is also common for hotels to have a fitness centre and spa.

Your trip to Thailand is incomplete if you have not tried spa in Phuket and the myriad treatments that it offers. There is a selection of highly refined traditional methods that can soothe the senses and guide you on the way to spiritual wellness. These wellness techniques have been passed down from generations and enhanced to perfection by the delicate touch of the therapists.

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