Wedding Caterers In Sydney Preparing For More Revenues With Approval Of Same Sex Weddings

In Sydney, one of the very first legal same-sex marriage was held, with two men promising their love for each other in front of a crowd of relatives, friends and wedding vendors, including wedding caterers in Sydney for the food.

The couple declaimed their vows at the Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, while a group of videographers and photographers took videos and pictures of them.

Overall, around 20 suppliers – including planners, florists and wedding caterers in Sydney – contributed Aus$40,000, about $31,470 in services, just to have Benjamin Gresham, 29, and Michael Petchell, 28, celebrate their wedding just after the first same-sex marriages were legalized.

As Parliament legalized gay marriage in December, experts say there will be an increase in the wedding industry revenues by 10%.

Wendy McColl organized a contest for free gay weddings, which the couple won. Wedding suppliers are pretty much excited for the gay community, as this will definitely be a change for Australia.

According to gay Eikon website owner Tony Richens, the wedding industry can see more value down the track. A report by Cherelle Murphy from the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group says there are around 46,800 same sex couples in the country. If they married, this will boost the Australian economy in the next twelve months. This will also mean that more gay tourists from overseas will come to Sydney to get married.

In 2016, many Australian gay couples came to get married in New Zealand, as same sex marriage has been legalized in the country since 2013. With a legalized gay marriage in Australia, this will mean a new market to stabilize the wedding industry.

Many suppliers like the wedding caterers in Sydney will proactively modify their marketing strategies. There are also those wedding photographers who are experimenting their talents and skills using Google ads. There are also those offering wedding venues, which have advertised in same sex friendly wedding directories. Cake designers are offering new styles of wedding cakes. However, there are other vendors who have not yet noticed a change with the new legislation.

Before the same sex law was approved, newlyweds Mr. Petchell and Mr. Gresham planned to go to New Zealand to get married. However, as it’s happening in Sydney, there is no more need for expensive trips there just to tie the knot, which is indeed a blessing.

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