What Leonardo González Dellán Thinks About The Latin American Region

The US mortgage crisis has led to the collapse of the Euro, global economic downturn, and budget deficit issues around the world, however, it has earned some positive effects. However, in this world of turmoil, the South American region is now enticing more expatriates to come seek a new homeland and new ventures here.  This is how Leonardo González Dellán emphasizes in his venture to why many people should hopeto live and do business in Latin America.

The Economic Boom

One must remember that Brazil is now one of the top 10 biggest economies in the world with Mexico not far behind. You can easily find value to its economic benefits for moving to such area. Columbia, Brazil and Mexico for instance have been directly supporting the block trade agreements between Latin America and other countries. This has certainly initiated an environment where economic growth is positive for a short to medium-term with the long-range benefits in the Latin American economies.

Political Stability

Political stability has been a major concern in Latin America over the years; however, the past structural modifications has affected the political framework in some areas. Latin America markets are now open to global investors, where new markets are introduced to combine with international companies which are now scrambling for action. The political stability in the Latin America, just like how Leonardo González Dellán views it, is now like a jigsaw certainly looking really colorful and bright.

Crime Rates

Some factors which expatriates look into a new country aside from economy, political stability and culture are the crime rates. Though it is widespread in most areas of Latin America, countries like Mexico had been affected with corruption, drug gangs and blackmail through the years.

The local government has done all its capabilities to minimize crime rates like those influenced in drug gangs and other criminal fraternities around the region. Expats and other travelers feel more confident to venture here with the local population fighting back and making a stand against crime.

Just like Leonardo González Dellán, he is proud about Latin America’s tourism, social projects and infrastructure investments. This will allow economic prosperity in the region, with crime rates reduced and more expat community more developed.

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