What’s The Next Big Challenge For AI In Video Games

Robots are quite the talk of the technology world these past few years and now it is bound to enter the world of e-sports. It is no secret that humans have tried to battle against artificial intelligence in the games of Go and chess boards but the result shocked many because the AI won. While it is still a long way to go before AI can conquer video games such as noccster gameplay, developers are already thinking of the next challenge to conquer using AI technology.

Video games are currently very popular with a lot of audience willing to watch as professional players are battling against one another. This is the kind of challenge that developers are trying to defeat with the help of AI. The real world scenario is more complex because it comprises of a number of players that are working as one. They do not have the exact look of where their opponents are which is very similar to the real world.

According to OpenAI, a team of researchers based in San Francisco, they are already on the path to developing the technology that will make it possible for AI to beat even the top e-sports team in the world. There are still many challenges ahead but OpenAI is confident with the development that their technology will be able to compete in the championship match of Dota 2, a video game that is considered to be the Super Bowl equivalent in the e-sports world. The game is scheduled this August and will be held in Vancouver.

Alphabet’s AI division, DeepMind, was the group responsible in beating the best Go players in the globe and is also able to improve their AI to be an excellent player of StarCraft. If OpenAI is able to compete and defeat teams during the Dota2 championship, the spotlight will transfer to their technology from DeepMind.

The research team of Open AI is proud to say that they were able to defeat Dot a 2 teams that belong in the leading 1 per cent though they have to tweak and simplify the options. When used with the setting of the video games used in noccster gameplay, it will take a few years before they will be able to conquer this breakthrough.

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