Why Americans Are Skeptic About The Deal With Iran

While you may be having a problem with your boilers at home and are looking for an expert boiler repair servicing company, you should be grateful that you are not bombarded with national issues and scandals to decide on. As the head of a nation, the president has a lot of things in his mind. The president of the United States in particular has to deal daily with issues involving terrorists, hate crimes and economic crisis.

The deal with Iran
Recently the deal with Iran has been a hot topic. In a poll conducted by CNN, the poll reported that majority of the Americans were in favor with the decision of Congress in rejecting the negotiated nuclear deal with the Middle East country- Iran.

Why then would the Americans oppose the deal or be skeptical about it? Here are some of the speculations as to why:

1. The nuclear deal agreement is too complicated to understand. Most people have not probably read or have not thoroughly known about the issue on the deal with Iran. The deal is very complicated and can even test those who are following the issue closely. Another factor to consider is how the Obama administration has been selling the deal.

2. This is not a peace treaty. This stance usually gets into the curiosity of the public about whether or not Iran will default or hold its end of the deal. Earlier in June in a poll made by CNN, about two-thirds of those skeptics who responded to the polls agreed that it is still unsure whether the deal will ultimately prevent Iran from having its own nuke. The mistrust and skepticism still remains very high. The different polls conducted found out that majorities of those skeptical believe though that Iran can actually be trusted in delivering their commitments and that their agreement with the United States will actually work. This skepticism by the public is not at all surprising in that the reactions were mostly based on the negative attitudes that the public has towards Iran that has been mounting up since the revolution in 1979 and the hostage crisis several decades ago. These incidents still remain fresh in people’s minds and memoirs.

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