Why Choose A Hotel Near Mrt In Sukhumvit For Convenience?

Bangkok is such a wonderful and exotic travel destination that it receives more than 15 million tourists every year. There are plenty of reasons why tourists just love it here and yet, they don’t get enough. Whether you are a shopaholic wanting for great deals in modern malls, a history fanatic wanting to be stunned by the city’s rich cultural heritage, or someone wanting a culinary experience in traditional food shops and international restaurants, the city of Angels has something to offer everyone.

To have an enjoyable experience, choosing a hotel near MRT in Sukhumvit can guarantee you convenience around Bangkok. The MRT is an underground railway transit you can choose to ride, if you are experiencing fear of heights on a BTS. This will make your life simpler and easier while you are traveling around Bangkok. Here are top reasons why you need to stay in a hotel near the MRT station.

  • Avoid Bangkok’s infamous traffic

In Bangkok, you get to suffer from intense traffic congestion that is uncommon for travelers touring the city for the very first time. You spend hours stuck in traffic when moving around the city. When you use the MRT, it gets you around the city and saves your precious time to go sightseeing the places you want to see.

  • Avoid well-known scams

In case you haven’t heard yet, taxis and tuk-tuks are renowned for tricking and scamming tourists. They are untrustworthy means of transport that takes you to places where you are forced to pay. However, if you ride the MRT, you can rely on them for transport. You will just have to follow routes in maps and schedules. You also get to see scenic spots while the train moves on.

  • Avoid getting lost

The worst thing that can happen to you is getting lost in a city you are unfamiliar with. But if you stay in a hotel near MRT in Sukhumvit, you always have a trusted reference point. Every person in Bangkok knows about it so it is easy to find your way home. You just need to remember the name of the hotel and you’ll find your way back.

  • Travel to the airport easily

The MRT subway is connected to the BTS and the airport link. You can take a direct train to the Suvarnabhumi airport in a short span. If you take this link, you can actually plan how to commute to the airport with accuracy.

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