Why Dengue Cases Continue To Rise

Nobody wants mosquitoes in their homes because they are annoying and can cause serious diseases. Dengue-carrying mosquitoes have caused millions of deaths all over the world. One of the best protections against mosquitoes is mosquito repellent patches that are applied on clothing. It differs from the traditional mosquito repellent that is applied directly on the skin.

Dr. PiyushChaudhari, consultant for Infectious Diseases, Jehangir Hospital was interviewed by JuiDharwadkar of Hindustan Times regarding the nature of dengue as a disease and the precautions that have to be undertaken to avoid being infected. According to Dr. Chaudhari, the monsoon is over but there are still many cases of dengue in the city.

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has registered more than 4,000 suspected dengue cases and the number of patients is still rising. Dengue mosquitoes are known to breed in clean water that has stagnated for a few days. After the rains, water remains accumulated in many places making them the ideal breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes. Sometimes, people are not very diligent when it comes to the removal of stagnated water so that cases of dengue continue to rise.

The first thing that people must do to address the increasing number of dengue cases it to clean the breeding grounds of mosquitoes. Spraying insecticides inside homes can help but it important for spraying to be properly done so that no area will be overlooked. For the outdoors, authorities must increase their efforts at fogging to kill adult infected mosquitoes.

Once the temperature in the city drops to 16 or 17 degrees, there will be a slight drop in dengue cases. However, people must remain vigilant with protection so that they will not be bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes do not play fair; they target both adults and children.

However, the skin of very young children and babies cannot be applied with mosquito repellent. Even if lotions are practical solution, a better option is to apply mosquito repellent patches on clothing and baby strollers. The patches will provide 12 hours protection from mosquitoes, sand flies, midges and other insects. The patch is safe to use for all ages including the newborn.

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