Why Event Planning Is Considered A Highly Stressful Job

In the list of the most stressful jobs in the United States, you will find fire-fighters and policemen. Surprisingly, event coordinators rank fifth place. The risks faced by event coordinators at Catalyst Event Solutions may differ from airline pilots and first responders but they face a wide range of formidable challenges.

Event coordinators have to compete for events as well as the dollars and attention of attendees. They struggle to meet the requirements of stakeholders and diverse audiences using whatever time and resources available. There is also the challenge of coordinating talented teams not to mention the need to travel and be away from the family for an extended period of time.

Most event coordinators chose the job because it is their passion. It does not matter whether they are challenged to create a balance between work and life or invest time to learn new technology. There is also the difficulty of juggling different duties and the need to set aside everything to be able to think strategically.

According to Shirley Craven, a professional event planner, her biggest challenge is working with people who do not understand the complexities of an event management environment. Meanwhile, Kahshanna Evans says that small organizations have unreasonable budget expectations that hamper progress. Christy Lamagna says that being able to plan for a birthday party or a wedding does not automatically make you a professional event planner.

Kahshanna Evans, the founder of Lions Public Relations has managed projects and worked with niche brands, influencers with established names in an industry and nascent products and services. She considers time and budget as the biggest challenges. Small teams usually have unique scheduling requirements and a humble budget which can be obstacle to whatever goal they wish to attain. On the other hand, well-oiled corporate teams have more than adequate budget to ensure exceptional annual events.

Whether it is a meeting for 12 executives or a conference with more than a thousand attendees, you can count on Catalyst Event Solutions to ensure an exceptional event. The event will be managed from concept to completion with single services that include registration management and complimentary venue finding. Personalized service and attention to detail is guaranteed.

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