Why Hotels Must Use Unlimited Wi-Fi Access In Their Promotions

The hospitality industry is very competitive and hotels have to offer different types of incentives to influence people to make bookings. For example special room promotion in Pattaya is being offered alongside special exclusive deals to attract potential guests. Unlimited Wi-Fi access is also promised as well as discounts on food and beverages.

Free Wi-Fi is very important in the hospitality industry to ensure that guests are connected at all times. However, the hospitality industry must understand that the offer for internet access goes beyond delivering shaky guest Wi-Fi solutions. The days of subpar internet connections are gone. Hotels must ensure that they provide guests with lighting fast, scalable and easy to access internet connections. This means that the hotel is living up to its promise of providing the guest with a personalized experience.

Fast Wi-Fi connection is not only for the enjoyment of guests because it also allows hotels to gauge their foot traffic. Wi-Fi solutions go beyond connectivity because there is an out-of-the-box location analytics that will help hotel managers determine foot traffic and guest behaviour. Bluetooth is integrated to interface seamlessly with a web-based dashboard that will manage the Wi-Fi and provide full access to its benefits.

Location analytics is very crucial for hotels because it will allow them to monitor how much time guests spend in certain areas of the property. Hotel management will gain an idea whether their restaurants are being patronized by the guests instead of spending more time at the swimming pool. Hotel managers know will which facilities are more popular to guests so that they can promote the less utilized ones.

Hotel services today are more than just a comfortable bed and delicious meal. They need to offer next-generation experiences with easy access to apps so that guests can efficiently benefit from the services provided.

Hotel guests can expect special room promotion in Pattaya from free welcome drink and ice cream upon arrival to free shuttle service to the beaches or shopping centres. Guests are treated like royalty with the service provided to the spacious rooms that have furnished comfortably and the exciting selection of international cuisine at the restaurant.

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