Why Settle For Timber Floors In Sydney?

Hardwood timber floors in Sydney are a thing of natural beauty, which can sometimes be avoided, probably due to its high cost. However, to know if this is right for you, you need to weigh the pros and cons and decide if you want it added to your home. The benefits of the hardwood timber flooring will provide warmth and character to your underfoot. If well taken cared of, it will last for many years of usage. However, its drawback will need you to spend more on these types of flooring. You may choose to have laminate or vinyl to make an appealing look on your floors.

Types of Timber Floors

The timber floors in Sydney can be laid in many different ways, such as:

  • Floating Timber Flooring: You need to pull up first the floating timber flooring to lay it on your existing floors. A foam underlay is added beneath the floor to insulate noise. The benefit of the authentic timber floating floor can have it sanded and refinished when needed. It doesn’t work similarly like a laminate.


  • Structural Timber Flooring: When the home is built, this timber flooring type is laid on floor beams and bearers. It will look like those you find in older period homes. Groove and tongue flooring will contain timber boards that have a groove on one side and a tongue on the other side to lock together when laid upon. To keep them in place, they are nailed together. To avoid warping, the structural timber floors in Sydney will have to be provided with adequate ventilation in the sub-floors.


  • Parquetry: This are short lengths of timber laid together in various patterns. They are directly glued to the underfloor and may be coated or stained. Due to its thickness, it can last for several years of usage. Popular patterns include square-on-square, herringbone, brickbond and basketweave.

Obtaining Quotes

You can find various providers for timber floors in Sydney which can give you appropriate costs. When obtaining quotes, consider the experience and reputation of the provider. A well-polished hardwood floor can last many years of usage. When you lay timber floors, you need the right technique to create and buckle the gaps between the floorboards. Choose providers that have the required skills to smoothly sand and polish the flooring.

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