Why You Should Check Your Home Security Systems

Some homeowners get to complacent thinking that they do not need Perth security screens since they already have a smart home security system. You might change your mind upon hearing one particular story from a consumer based in Dauphin County in Pennsylvania. According to the man, he found out that his ADT security system does not get the proper monitoring based on the service he is paying on time. The unfortunate thing is that it has been going on for months.

Todd Harkins said he purchased the security system in November of 2016. Since then, he has been paying a monthly subscription fee of $49. The subscription fee comes with a 24/7 live monitoring service through the local fire and police authorities.

Harkins said that they have been paying monthly because they want to feel secure before they retire to bed every night. The problem started in 2017 when the system encountered a glitch.

There was one instance where they accidently tripped the alarm off and they were thinking that somebody would contact them to check but nobody did. This is when he thought that the system was no longer connected to the monitoring service and decided to give ADT a call to see what is wrong their home alarm.

Harkins shared that the company told him that the unit they installed two years ago is full of problems and the system is not functioning as expected. After the call, the company replaced the whole system inside their house and it has been working fine. It was replaced during the fall and they encountered no problem ever since.

Despite the offer of $600 credit from ADT, Harkins said that he does not want it because the company should refund the money he pair for the months that he was not actually getting the service he paid for. He was also not aware that there should be a monthly testing until he found out about the system’s problem. This is one example that while there are modern devices for security, good old Perth security screens are still necessary to ensure the safety of everyone inside the house.

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