Why Your Teenagers Must Attend International Secondary School In Bangkok

It is a unique experience when you go live in Bangkok. The city is where you find possibilities of contrasts and diversity, especially if you’re an expatriate seeking more opportunities. If you now reside in the Thai capital, you’ll find helpful advice when it comes to transport, education and healthcare. In fact, if you have teenagers, you can send them to a secondary school in Bangkok for their continued education.

From Pre-School Children to Post-Graduate Students

In the Thai education system, a student is required twelve years of free education. Nine of them are compulsory. When children reach the age of three, they can start attending pre-school, which is not part of the mandatory education in Thailand. Parents themselves will shoulder the expenses for nurseries and kindergarten.

When they reach the age of six to eleven, the kids undergo six years of primary education, which is both obligatory and free. Then they proceed to the three years of lower secondary school in Bangkok for a continued education. During these nine years of mandatory schooling, children get their education from many core subjects that they learn in school.

Once done, they proceed to the upper secondary school or until they are 17 years old. Here, they are prepared to take the university entrance exams. There are also students who opt for the vocational training, which they can spend three to five years of education. They may learn tourism, commerce, business or home economics.

Opportunities for International Education

To know more of how international schools can provide the best secondary school in Bangkok, there are a number of them where you make the tuition fee a basis whether they offer good to excellent academic standards and modern facilities for your students. You may have heard of them from expat friends or is highly recommended by the people you met while relocating to Bangkok.

These schools can cater to the various expatriate communities and nationalities. Your choice for international schools may depend on the medium of instruction, the curricula and the diploma courses it offers. The secondary school in Bangkok can surely accommodate you and your family in terms of location from your residence to your workplace.

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