Will The Olympics Change Japan’s Opinion On Tattoos?

Many people want to express themselves through a tattoo. However, some parents do not approve of tattoos on their children. The solution is foundation that covers tattoos temporarily so that they will not be noticeable. Even in today’s digital age, people with tattoos still have to face some sort of discrimination.

In Japan, people with tattoos are refused entry to swimming pools, beaches, gyms and bathing spots. If the tattoos are visible, it can compromise employment opportunities. In the 17th century, tattoos were associated to criminals. Full body tattoos means loyalty to Yakuza.

According to Brian Ashcraft, author of “Japanese Tattoos: History, Culture, Design” in the 1800’s Japan outlawed tattoos including snake charmers and public nudity because the country did not want the outside world to consider them primitives. However, royalty from Europe would come to Japan to have their bodies tattooed by Japanese artists.

Even if the ban on tattoos has been lifted, the stigma attached to tattoos has worsened. A crackdown was held recently on the tattoo industry through police raids and fines. However, a potential game-changer is the legal battle faced by Osaka tattooist Taiki Masuda.

Taiki Masuda was arrested in 2015 for violating the Medical Practitioner’s Law that only allows doctors to perform medical procedures. Tattooing is considered as medical work because it involves the use of needles.

Taiki Masuda was fined¥300,000 but he decided to fight. Last month, the guilty verdict was overturned by the court after a lengthy appeal process. According to Masuda, there is no legal framework that regulates the tattoo industry. Save Tattooing in Japan considered Masuda’s arrest as a violation of human rights.

Meanwhile, many of the older tattoo artists who are very protective of tattooing underground roots do not want tattooing to become a legitimate profession. The problem here is some athletes from all over the world who will be participating in the Olympics have art inked on their bodies.

If you are visiting a place where people are prejudiced against tattoos, the best option is to apply foundation that covers tattoos temporarily. The makeup is completely waterproof and allows the skin to breathe and sweat. It has a natural appearance that lasts for a few days.

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